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Mobile Application

If you are looking to develop a remarkable mobile application development for your business or if you have awesome ideas for an invention, Brainvire team of skilled developers and designers can build your idea.

Brand Identity

Is your business planning to update, evolve or replace its brand identity? Are you looking for design and branding expertise from a well-established agency? We help businesses translate their brand strategy into a distinctive brand identity.

Web Development

Prince Website Development is an innovative digital One Stop  Solution provider that provides top-quality web development services around the globe. The expert developers at Prince web Solution can perform any type of web development to a complex web application. 

Digital Marketing

Digital advertising allows brands to reach out beyond their existing networks, to tap into new, highly targeted audiences via search, social or display ads. We ensure companies get the best ROI in social advertising through strategic planning, top quality ad creative, and ongoing campaign measurement and optimization.


We offer a wide range of services such as keyword and keyphrase optimization and research, technical website SEO audits, optimization of specific pages, robots.txt and sitemaps and additional tasks as deemed appropriate for the client’s website and business needs.


Prince hosting starts on our high-performance server providing you a secure, reliable environment to host all your websites, files and emails. All accounts include cPanel and one-click installers making the setup of WordPress and other apps a breeze!

Easy As 1…2…3…

Our one-stop Business Solution helps you ease from complicated integration with a different platform on. Now setting up your digital identity is as easy as choosing 1…2…3… Just choose what you need and you are all set.

We Make Your Business Available Everywhere.

With our All-in-one business solution package, we will ensure that your business is accessible everywhere wherever your clients are.

From your own website, social media, search engine and push ads to mobile applications. You name it, you brand will be there to catch. 

Generating New Ideas. Solving Big Problems

If you have sparking ideas, we can help you make them flame. We will also be there along the way at your reach solving all your problems.


Satisfied Clients

Ongoing Projects

Cups Of Coffee

Establishing  a business Can Be Overwhelming. The Good News Is, You Have Options.

Brand Design & Strategy

Is your business planning to update, evolve or replace its brand identity? Are you looking for design and branding expertise from a well-established agency? We help businesses translate their brand strategy into a distinctive brand identity.

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Prince Design and Marketing helps businesses translate their brand strategy into a distinctive brand identity.

A brand identity must work across diverse platforms including print and digital. Whether you require a completely new brand identity or want to refresh an existing brand we will work with you to help achieve your objectives.

The Importance of branding

Great branding will set your business or product apart from your competition and ensure that your key messaging resonates with your target audience. Once a brand gains recognition it becomes a powerful marketing tool, setting the tone for your company along with a level of expectancy for quality and service which is why it’s so important to get right the first time.

We believe brilliant brand design requires a collaborative effort involving client input throughout. Our talented team of designers and marketers will work closely with you to ensure your new or updated brand identity is relevant to your business, transforming a brief into an effective brand treatment.

Once the project is completed, you will receive a full set of clear brand guidelines to help you maintain control over your brand when you need to entrust it to a third party such as an advertising agency.


Audience Analytics

Quantitative analytics, business intelligence, site behavior tracking. Decision science, multivariate testing, content personalization, media optimization, new customer identification. Audience behavior analysis, engagement, measurement, interest, and intent.  Search retargeting, and automated keyword bidding strategies, conversion attribution. Programmatic buying models. Cross-device mobile campaign outreach

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Cut through the noise

iCrossing’s data science group finds insights in a deluge of data, so we can make optimizations that have real and meaningful impacts on campaigns. Our team of quants and analysts leverage their deep experience in cross-channel media marketing and data collection, mining and analysis, to build people-focused marketing programs. Whether it’s using machine learning algorithms to predict how likely a site visitor is to convert, or doing an audience analysis deep dive, our team models, researches, and builds products that make our client teams and campaigns smarter.

Make a lasting impression

Real performance marketing is not just a race to the bottom. In order to run marketing programs and campaigns that drive long term value for our advertisers, we must also appreciate and amplify what makes their brands and products different. To do this, we enable our clients and internal teams to be smarter with data that allows them to understand their customers and their habits – and how those data points and insights can make a difference. We then use these insights (discovered algorithmically, of course) to build strategy and make campaign adjustments using machine learning processes – so they also get smarter over time.

Put our expertise to work for you

Our work has led to iCrossing’s SearchAi and Audience Scoring offerings – both of which allow us to tailor search experiences, based on customer information in environments that are otherwise relatively data scarce. We’re also continuously working to bring the power and differentiation provided by our Hearst ownership and partnerships to our data science offerings. Where most agencies can only work with client data and third party data, iCrossing stands alone in our ability to give clients insights powered by the Hearst content universe as well.

Copywriting & Strategy

Increase conversions through high quality copywriting service. Free keyword optimization for SEO. Unlimited revisions under premium service. 100% Unique, original content with the lowest prices in the industry.

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If you are looking for a copywriting service that can help you increase sales, you’ve come to the right place! Our expert copywriters can help you get found on the overcrowded web and spring your customers into action.

Copywriting is the art of persuasive writing at its peak. It takes a powerful combination of the right approach, knowledge, and style to write something that has the capability to convince your potential customers.

Not everyone gets it right. It takes experience, skill and correct application of the best sales writing practices by a talented copywriter to come up with a convincing copy. And we are experts at this.


The purpose of copywriting is not just to impress, but also to achieve specific business objectives. At Godot Media, we do it well, because we approach the task correctly – every copywriting project begins with first analyzing the target customers, their needs and your solution offerings. Our professional copywriters then translate your solutions into words that your customers want to read, to be convinced of the value of your offerings. The result is a much higher conversion rate for your business.

No one knows your business better than you do. That is why we use a collaborative approach to learn from you about your business and then translate that understanding into highly effective copy. We also incorporate your feedback and go through a round of iteration to develop the final content. We are here to help your business grow, and we go the extra mile to achieve that goal.


We provide copywriting services for all media types including websites, brochures, direct mail, and other marketing materials. Whether you are looking for a web copywriting service or need to create professional copy for offline marketing, you can always rely on us. A Godot copywriter will deliver focused content for your medium, targeting your customer psychology and offering them the answers they seek. We are a premium copywriting agency with a broad ranged experience and can help you with all kinds of copy writing needs.

Workshops & Training

If you are Enterpruner and want to do all the backend management by yourself? We provide distance or one on one workshops & Training.

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Website Development

Prince Website Development is an innovative digital One Stop  Solution provider that provides top-quality web development services around the globe. The expert developers at Prince web Solution can perform any type of web development to a complex web application. 

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    The planning stage is arguably the most important because what’s decided and mapped here sets the stage for the entire project. This is also the stage that requires client interaction and the accompanying attention to detail.

    2. DESIGN

    The design stage typically involves moving the information outlined in the planning stage further into reality. The main deliverables are a documented site structure and, more importantly, a visual representation. Upon completion of the design phase, the website should more or less have taken shape, but for the absence of the content and special features.


    Development involves the bulk of the programming work, as well as loading content (whether by your team or the client’s). Keep code organized and commented, and refer constantly to the planning details as the full website takes shape. Take a strategic approach, and avoid future hassles by constantly testing as you go.

    4. LAUNCH

    The purpose of the launch phase is to prepare the website for public viewing. This requires final polishing of design elements, deep testing of interactivity and features and, most of all, a consideration of the user experience. An important early step in this phase is to move the website, if need be, to its permanent Web server. Testing in the production environment is important because different servers can have different features and unexpected behavior (e.g. different database host addresses).

    Social Media Management

    At Prince Social Media Service, we provide first-class services that go far beyond posting messages to your social media sites. We’re your partners in making sure your presence on social media is strategic and well executed to give you the results you’re looking for.

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    We value communication, collaboration and reliability. We work with our clients to execute a plan that will drive bottom-line results. We do what we say we’re going to do – delivering exceptional service, quality and results on-time, every time.

    When you hire us, you get the knowledge and expertise of social media professionals who take the time to learn about your company, your unique competitive strengths, and the value you offer. We know how to use social media effectively to engage an audience, strengthen your brand, and nurture relationships with your customers and prospects. In other words, we’re an extension of your brand that you can trust to represent your business well.  

    Search Engine Optimization

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    LSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process which increases a website’s rankings in search engine results and subsequently increases site traffic and revenue.

    For example, a website that sells designer clothing would want to appear as the first search result whenever a potential customer searches for the phrase “buy designer clothes” in Google. SEO is an umbrella term which encompasses many different strategies. There are a lot of ways one can improve a website’s rankings and Los Angeles based Coalition Technologies knows how to choose the ones that are best for your business. We can write your copy, build your links, get you press coverage, run your PPC campaign, build and design your website, optimize your site for powerful keywords, and whatever else it takes to increase your revenue.

    Besides the usual Los Angeles SEO tactics, Coalition Technologies is also an innovator where we define our industry’s best practices. We are constantly researching and developing new and better ways to optimize your site.

    Email Marketing

    Today, almost everyone has access to emails and it serves as a great platform to connect with customers. Email marketing is the most crucial internet marketing tool. Whether used for promotional activities or for circulating newsletters or inviting people to your business, email remains the choice for communication.

    Prince Web Solutions offers a comprehensive set of email marketing services to cater for all your requirements. Grow your business and connect with your customers through our seamless email marketing service.

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    Our Services

    Promotional Emails

    Shooting promotional emails to promote business, services or products becomes easy with our innovative ideas, extensive planning and  high open and conversion rates.

    Bulk Emails

    Bulk emails are considered to be the most effective way to sell products and services online. We have a great email delivery system to send out bulk emails, which is spam free. We have a variety of databases to meet your target audience.

    Automated emails

    The best email marketing is timely. Our automated workflow enables you to preset the details of your email campaign. The emails are then sent automatically, making it a hassle free process.

    Special features of our Email Marketing services

    • Creating innovative ideas for targetted users
    • Creating and managing lists of emails and contacts
    • Unique and crispy email subject lines and body content
    • Dynamic and interactive emails
    • Tracking and monitoring the responses
    • Superior technology and maximum ROI
    • Reporting and analytics
    • SPAM free and responsive emails
    • Timely delivery of emails
    • Affordable and customized packages

    Ready to create your email marketing plan? Get in touch with us 

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