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If you are looking for support. You are at the right Place. Our Service is available to you 24/7. Please contact your related support department for Maximum Result. 


How We Can Help?

Techinical Department

Techinical department can help you with major technical error such us, themes, plugin and softwares related issue. This department is only available for registered users.

Domain Department

Domain Department handels domain registry, integration issue, DNS, SSL, Security and as well as Content Delivery Network CDN. This department is only available for registered users.

Mobile Application

Mobile Application Department can help you with any mobile application issue such us Native Mobile Web Application, Native mobile app and Window App available to subscribers.

General Service

Please contact General Service Department  if you are using our  free services. You don’t need to provide subscription details and we are more than willing to help. 

Hosting Department

Hosting Department will handel all the hosting and server related issue. You may contact this department if you face server down, attack or integration issue.

Financial Department

You can contact Financial Department for billing related issue such us subscription, registration fees, recurring payment and so on.. 

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